Easy as 1, 2, 3

  • 1) Re-share a post for content marked PROMOTE
  • 2) Limit one time, per channel, per day for content after Sept 18
  • 3) Send your wallet address via your preferred method to collect your money!
  • LinkedIn – Like, Comment and Re-share a Post Must have a minimum of 500 contacts

    $40 OVO
  • Facebook – Like, Comment and Re-share Post Must have a minimum of 300 friends

    $40 OVO
  • Twitter – Follow, Love and Re-tweet to your followers Must have 700 followers

    $35 OVO
  • YouTube – Like, Comment and Subcribe

    $25 OVO
  • Rate our App Please do one of the following Review and rate 5 stars
    Don’t review or rate and instead
    provide comments (minimum 50 words)

    $40 OVO
  • Discover an Ovato Bug See a problem? Have a great idea for improvement?
    Let us know. We love to hear from you!

    $250 OVO
  • Promote the app Get a promo code to give away for $50 for the new user

    $50 OVO
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